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AlpuG writes for ALPine natUral danGer. The company has been started 1994 with the aim to transfer knowledge and experience from research to practical applications. The aims of the company are consulting in the field of alpine risk management, safety concepts, risk analyses, snow avalanche dynamics, danger maps, but also in developments of remote measuring and control systems adapted to rough climatic conditions in alpine environments and to design, build und support remote warning, alarm and measuring systems. The head of the company, Hansueli Gubler (pdf32), has been a well recognized researcher an SFISAR for 22 years. Therefore he has a broad knowledge and experience on which the activities of AlpuG and its partners are based. The strong collaboration with its partner companies sensalpin GmbH Davos, Waljag GmbH in Malans and IAV guaranties that large and demanding projects can be settled with competence in short time and at reasonable costs. More information may be found in the company flyer and many publications found in the publication list.

The goal of the companies is to develop and provide solutions that respect nature but help to reduce the impact of natural dangers on humans. Support after delivery is one of the keys for the success of AlpuG since its start 12years ago.

Mounting detecting pendulum for an alarm station

servicing an IMIS weather station

Dr. Hansueli Gubler, Physicist 22 years of research and consulting at SFISAR Independent consultant for alpine natural hazards, risk analysis, safety concepts, snow and avalanche problems, permafrost, remote instrumentation, warning- and alarm systems.

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