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Remote Measuring-, Warning and Alarming Systems


AlpuG designs, builds and services together with its partners Waljag, Sensalpin and IAV remote instrumentation for data acquisition, data logging, data transmission and control applications to assess alpine natural dangers. The systems are designed to measure and investigate processes related to possible natural dangers do to avalanching, rockfall, mudflow, flooding, melting permafrost and to alert and alarm automatically in case of increased danger.

Basic system types

Main processes

  • Development of the seasonal snow cover link | pdf24
  • Snow avalanches link
  • Glacier avalanches link
  • Rock movements, cracking link
  • Rockfall link
  • Land slides link
  • Mudflow link
  • Precipitation link
  • Blowing snow link
  • Snow accumulation link
  • High winds link
  • Torrents link
  • Flooding link
  • Glacier movements, fracturing, energy balance link
  • Ground temperature changes, freezing
    and thawing link
  • Artificial avalanche release link | pdf27


A physically correct and dependable measurement of meteorological and nivological parameters builds the basis for critical decisions and new knowledge. Our measuring and control systems that are specially optimized for remote locations and harsh environmental conditions are a proven starting point for successful solutions. The wide range of sensors and interfaces that can be connected and controlled by our systems, the well developed and standardized mechanical platforms, proven concepts for energy supply, overvoltage protection, communication and data acquisition allow for designs that are perfectly adapted to the problem.

See document: pdf24

Measurements and concepts

For successful measurements it is important to understand the physical principles of sensing as well as the processes to be characterized or investigated by the measurements. Our experience in the field of alpine natural danger allows us to find best suited solutions for your measuring problem. Our systems are based on Campbell Scientific data loggers and a large variety of specially adapted sensors and interfaces.







Mechanical supporting systems, towers.

We offer different supporting platforms depending on size and requirements of the measuring system to be mounted. The larger system based on a 6.5m long 219mm diameter pylon is anchored on 3 micropiles or rock anchors or may be directly mounted to vertical rock walls (pdf22). It includes a very compact and flexible platform for sensors, electronics, transmission antennas and the solar system that can be fitted to the tower completely assembled and in operation by helicopter within minutes but can also be lowered to ground level for local servicing. For smaller measuring systems with pylons up to 5m ( diameter 80mm) an universal anchor system is available (pdf13, pdf18). This portable anchor system is very flexible and can be mounted on rock or buried in softer or loose ground. No guying cables are needed for this system.
For both systems many standard clamps for sensors, panels, antenna, mounting arms exist. Special systems have also be designed for measurements on glaciers.





Standard systems

Automatic stations for weather-, snow-, avalanche-, ground temperature- and geophysical measurements.

  • 219mm diameter, 6.5m high pylon with compact instrumentation package
  • designed for rough environmental conditions
  • data logging based on CSI loggers
  • wide range of standard and special sensors
  • energy supply: batteries, accumulators, solar cells, wind generator.
  • data transfer and control bi-directional: radio ( options 170Mhz to 2100MHz spread spectrum), GSM-data, (land line) fix line phone, Ethernet ( LAN / WAN), serial RS232, RS485, SDI, satellite...WEB-server.
  • standard basic software that includes most standard sensors, sensor quality parameter, easy adaptable to special conditions
  • modular design for fast mounting and servicing

See document: pdf22, pdf24, pdf31, pdf32

Mini stations

Automatic stations for weather-, snow-, avalanche-, ground temperature- and geophysical measurements.

  • 80mm up to 5m pylon with universal AlpuG anchor system
  • Stations easily re-locatable
  • Standard configurations for snow drift measurements system FlowCaptTM( link ), Wind measurements incl. WindFlowTM, standard raingauge and RainFlowTM and ground wetness 
  • Especially suited also for research systems

See document: pdf13




Warning and Alarm systems


  • Standard systems for avalanches, rockfall, mudflow, rock movements, flooding, torrent warning (pdf22, pdf26)
  • Possibility of remote networks of detecting systems
  • Automatic warnings/alarms by phone, SMS, radio, computer network...
  • Automatic closure of traffic lines ( roads and railway lines) by signals, evacuation with sirens.
  • Continuous system control, self checks
  • Sensors / detecting systems: motion sensors, speed sensors ( Doppler radar), ground motion sensors, force sensors (detection cables, pressure plates...), air pressure, sediment / boulder sensors, extensometers, crack meters, acoustic emission ( crack formation), water level ( acoustic sounder, differential pressure), rain gauge, soil wetness... (pdf19, pdf26)
  • Alarming conditions: simple and combined multi stage conditions with respect to signal amplitude, frequency, event number, frequency spectra, signal duration etc. can be selected. All threshold parameters are remotely programmable.
  • Complete remote control

Signaling and Alarm transmitting systems

  • Setting, resetting, checking of signals, sirens...
  • Repeating, transmitting of alarms and data from remote detecting systems to users by phone ( voice and data), GSM, radio, signs, Ethernet.
  • Transmission of control and measuring data from and to a control center.
  • Remote control

Wind warning system for cable ways and traffic lines

  • Wind and weather measurements an towers of cable way and along traffic lines
  • Solar powered compact detecting systems
  • Packbus based data transmission with spread spectrum radios
  • Data presentation quasi real time and as time series
  • WEB server

See document: pdf30

Snow accumulation-, snow drift- and rain warning systems for road maintenance, ski areas and cross country track preparation

  • Phone, SMS, computer based...warnings in case of precipitation or snow drift
  • selectable warning and alarm thresholds and warning time
  • Options for many different weather-, road- and snow parameters
  • Options for data storage and data presentation

Research systems

  • Standard systems for permafrost borehole temperature measurements, Glacier energy balance measurements, gravitational speed spectra measurements, wind measurements, snow drift measurements.
  • Special systems suitable for any kind of weather, nivological and geophysical measurements
  • Avalanche- and mudflow speed measuring systems

Remote control systems

  • Controls for Wyssen Avalanche Tower and GAZEX (pdf27)
  • Development of remote controllers based on CSI - logger
  • Hardware and software developments

Remote GSM based or offline high resolution camera systems

Systems for artificial avalanche release

See document: pdf27

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