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Sensors and interfaces

AlpuG is a local reseller of Campbell Scientific UK. AlpuG has more then 25 years of experience with CSI instrumentation and can provide special solutions based on CSI data loggers. AlpuG and its partners have developed many special data acquisition, data transmission and control applications based on CSI loggers.

We provide standard sensors and special solutions:

  • Short and long wave radiation, radiation balance measurements
  • Surface energy balance measurements
  • Air temperature and air humidity with aspirated and unaspirated systems
  • Wind measurements: specially reinforced RMYoung Windmonitors, Infrasonic anemometers, acoustic anemometer WindFlow TM, anemometers with special de-icing systems based on electrical radiation heating, hot air heating and de-icing spray systems
  • Borehole temperature measuring chains, soil- and snow temperature sensors
  • SnoSurf infrared snow surface temperature measuring sensor (pdf19)
  • Soil wetness TDR sensors
  • SnoWet ground - snow interface wetness measurement (pdf03)
  • SnoPro microwave snow profile measuring system
  • FlowCapt acoustic snow height integrating snow drift measuring sensor including interface electronics (link)
  • Acoustic sounder for snow height, water level etc
  • Differential pressure measurements for water level
  • Barometric measurements
  • Pressure plates
  • Cable tension
  • Extensometers, robust design for high resolution measurements in large (size up to several meters) cracks
  • Integrated Mudflow and sediment sensor (ground motion, acoustic sediment sensor, pressure plate)
  • Ground motion sensor 1d to 3d
  • AvalRad Doppler speed measurement system 5 to 70m/s range 300m for avalanches, rockfall and mudflow.


  • Dataloggers
  • Communication Interfaces (GSM, Radio RF, Spread spectrum radio, Ethernet, RS232, RS485, Short Haul, Phone)
  • Communication switches
  • Serial Optocoupler
  • Input / Output modules
  • Routers
  • Solar power systems
  • Sensors
    • Soil Moisture, Surface Wetness
    • Fuel Moisture and Temperature ( forestry)
    • Radiation
    • Precipitation
    • Wind
    • Temperature ( soil, snow, air)
    • Snow depth
    • Water depth
    • Water quality